Whip Creamz Car Wax: Halloween Launch Is A Treat for Tricked Out Rides

The cool and current carnauba paste wax collection Whip Creamz, will officially launch Tuesday October 30th prior to Halloween with the release of the Tangerine Dream Wax. This exciting new line of hand-made and poured carnauba waxes are perfect toppings for metallic, flip-flop, pearl, marble, candy and other custom or factory paint systems. Each container is packed with passion and performance and designed to help you maintain the appearance of your car, bike or truck. Whip Creamz is “car care for the car culture” and formulated with the custom car community in mind.

This hand-crafted collection is a careful and balanced blend of all the things your vehicle’s paint will love like, a rich formulation of carnauba and bees wax, rejuvenating oils and other ingredients but without the harsh solvents and silicone you, your painter and body shop may not. Whip Creamz is truly a treat for tricked out custom rides.

D. Smith the visionary and proprietor emphasizes, “Whip Creamz is like candy for your car’s paint system” and is why he chose Halloween to launch the brand and product. The wax delivers one sweet wet shine plus leaves behind a protective coating against the elements. It’s poured in limited quantities and comes in assorted colors, subtle scents with cool names and clean packaging. The ease of application and removal in addition to the hip hues and aromatics will enhance your wax on wax off experience. Waxing your car no longer has to be a chore. It will be a pleasurable experience you’ll look forward to when you chose any jar from the WhipCreamz collection.

Don’t let your eye candy become an eye sore by allowing the daily assault of sun, rain, bird droppings, tree sap and other industrial fall out the ability to settle on the surface of unprotected paint, which can rob your vehicle of it’s shine and luster. Instead, satisfy your car’s sweet tooth by adding Whip Creamz carnauba wax to your auto appearance regiment. It will help keep your vehicle looking it’s very best.

Whip Creamz “Tangerine Dream” carnauba paste wax is availabe now.

Order today at: www.WhipCreamz.Com.  Contact us with comments or questions at: talk2us@whipcreamz.com.

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The “SWANG” State of Texas; Land of Candy Paint and Home of the Slab

The political race heats up every election year.  Campaigns mobilize their base and pound the pavement to drum up support for their party. Politically the states are broken down and identified by color. The red states lean heavily toward the Republican Party and the blue states favor the Democrats. If there is no clear or overwhelming party support, that state is labeled a purple state because there’s a balanced mix of red (republican) and blue (democrat) support. These states are also called swing states because they can swing an election in favor or either party.

Texas is not a swing state, it’s Red.  But on the streets it has become the key “Swang” state.  Although it’s not a battleground state by any means, it still tends to lean towards purple, at least in one sub-culture of the population.

A movement that sprang from  a local community on the south side of Houston, Texas has spread, impacting the car culture not only in the city but across the entire state of Texas. The “Slab” ride as it’s called, has become the majority whip of the Gulf Coast and surrounding areas.

Whip Appeal turned to the State Capitol of Austin, Texas for more background and insight regarding the exploding growth and popularity of the Slab ride beyond Texas borders. We caught up with Thomas Kemper of Slab Customs, the headquarters for the emerging Slab Party.

(Whip Appeal): Thomas, explain to our readers exactly what a slab is. How is it different from other custom automotive styles and trends seen in the streets currently?

(Thomas Kemper of Slab Customs): The Slab comes from boys sittin low to the Slab(the ground). It later expanded to  represent Slow, Loud And Bangin. A Slab is very similar to donks and low riders but there are differences. You have to have candy paint, Swangas and Vogues, 5th wheel with swanga that recline, 6th wheel(optional), Buck insides(leather), grille and woman, pop trunk, and belts and buckles. A Slab car has to be really customized, from the insides all the way to the outside. Some people throw swangas on their car and say they have a slab. It takes a lot more than swangas to make a complete slab. Now there has always been drama on what a slab is and what type of car is a slab. Some of the kats like myself are from the OG S.U.C. error (the 90’s) would most likely pull out a Cadillac, Oldsmobile,  Buick, or Lincoln that was made in the 60s, 70s, or 80s( Preferably a drop) The younger kats are making the newer 90s, 2000 and up cars into slabs. I feel if you run all the way through the car you have a slab, I just prefer the olders ones.  The car HAS to have swangas to be a Slab. You might have a car with nice wheels but it’s not a complete slab until you rollin on dem 4s or 3s (83s or 84s swangas)

(Whip Appeal): Thanks for making that plain for everybody that may have had misconceptions about what a slab truly is. Now if you would, please take us through the slab timeline. In other words, when, where and how did the slab culture form?

(Thomas Kemper of Slab Customs): It started on the southside of H-town,(look at the Slab culture Documentary on Youtube). I can remember when boys were riding on daytons, 30s and vogues and 3 bars. Dj Screw(R.I.P.) and the S.U.C. started making screw tapes and all them boys talked about was riding swangas. The southside started rollin on swangas in the early 90s. I was in High school when I saw my first Slab. I knew I had to have one. During the 90s the southside had all the swangas…so they had all the slabs, and that’s when the jacking started! Northside wanted swangas too and you could not buy swangs in a store. So they went out and jacked them. It was really crazy back then. Only real ballers and OG gansta kats were riding this wheel, if you were a square fronting…you could become a victim…people died because of these wheels. Then Texan Wire Wheels came along in the 2000s and remade the wheel and had it on the shelf so boys didn’t have to jack for them they could purchase their own. (Jacking still is around but it’s a lot less)

(Whip Appeal): I remember the stories on the streets and in the news about occurrences like the ones you described. Sad but true. Thomas, is the slab movement contained to the Houston area or has it started to branch out in your opinion?

(Thomas Kemper of Slab Customs): Houston, Texas is the heart of the slab game, but there are slabs all over the U.S. now. I think the music really gave the slab game a huge push. When Slim Thug, Paul Wall, Chamillionaire, Lil Flip, Big Moe, and Mike Jones got national exposure thats when the world started hearing what a slab was. You can go to Louisiana now and drive through the smallest town and see a complete slab.The world is catching on to the Htown Slab Culture…I have help Slab about 3 cars in Canada, 1 in New Zealand and 1 in Austria. I got a customer right now waiting to see if I can ship him some swangas to Japan. I also give a lot of the credit to the Texas Military boys. They love their culture and they show boys from everywhere how we do it, next thing you know I’m getting calls from Kats from everywhere wanting to be the first in their city or state with a Texas Style Slab.

(Whip Appeal): That’s what’s up, Texas setting trends! Now describe for us how the Slab has evolved since it began back in the day.

(Thomas Kemper of Slab Customs): Honestly the slab game has not changed much. You can take one of the first slabs from the 90s and find one just like it right now. Now there are a lot of young cats that are taking whatever car their parents got them in high school and making them slabs. I’m not knocking that because I feel if you put the time and money into your car, long as it customized properly you can call it a slab. You just won’t catch me ridin that way…lol. Common cars are Cadillacs…I have a 1984 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz (my favorite car). Some boys slab lincolns, olds, jags, benzs, hell bentlys…whatever car you think of someone is attempting to slab one.

 (Whip Appeal): I feel you on that, I guess that’s the true meaning of Texas proud. Well now comes the fun part. Let’s say I want to build a Slab that will gain attention and turn heads and be on point. I want to do it right, walk me through the process from vehicle choice to accessories? What vehicle do I need to choose, what paint would be holding, interior design, accessories on the exterior, wheel/tire size and choice. If you (Slab Customs) were coaching me on building my first slab how would you advise me to do it?

 (Thomas Kemper of Slab Customs): Now if you want to really hold slab find a Cadillac opera, or a Le Cab (very rare cadillacs) but the next best thing would be a Boss hogg (1973-1978 eldorado) or a Eldog (1979-1984 Eldorado), 1968-1970 Deville, 1970-1972 Eldorado….convertible!!!!

  1.  get the motor tight…you can’t be holdin slab waiting on a wrecker truck…that’s a joke waiting to happen. Spend all that money on fixing it up and the motor is garbage is a big NoNo!!
  2.   Get the body right,  all dents, modifications
  3.   Get the interior right, take it to an upholstery shop and design it just the way you want it.
  4.  Get Your bang, Screens, Pop Trunk Actuators, Alarm, Pop Trunk signs, and what ever else you wanted to put in your ride to make it unique.
  5.  Get it sprayed WET…Candy paint…I’m a red turns heads type of dude even through I’m from the northside of Htown. While you are getting painted also get your 5th and 6th wheel painted.
  6.  Get 5th and 6th installed…make sure you put the actuator on the 5th for the recline.
  7.  Get your grille, woman, belts and buckles, and SWANGAS AND VOGUES…..SWANGAS AND VOGUES are a MUST to be a SLAB

Now you have a complete slab ready to kill the streets!!!!

 (Whip Appeal): Boys got the info now so what products, acessories and other slab services can your company Slab Customs help them with now that they want to build their slabs right to be official in the streets?

 (Thomas Kemper of Slab Customs): We sell every Slab accessory you need to slab your car…Swangas, Vogues, 5th wheels, 6th wheels, belts and buckles, E&G Grilles, Custom Grilles, Pop Trunk actuators, Pop Trunk signs, Chrome hood ornaments, custom hood ornaments, wood steering wheels, car audio, car video, and much more!!!

 (Whip Appeal): I like the concept, a 1 stop Slab shop! Now I’m even more curious about how you came up with the idea and when you formed Slab Customs. Tell our readers more about your enterprise.

 (Thomas Kemper of Slab Customs): Well I move to Austin in 2005, I had a 1995 Buick Lesabre and went to get pop trunk installed. The guy tried to charge me out the ass for it! Being from Houston I knew I could get it done cheaper in the H….it pissed me off but it put an idea in my head to try to bring the Htown culture to Austin…now there was boyz already holdin Slab In ATX…but it was nothing like the H. So I went got my DBA and made me a website. I was only thinking of selling to Austin but little did I know people from everywhere would start to order from my online site. The hustler in me made me put a lot of time, foot work and money into my website so I could make it the Largest site on the net to buy anything to slab a ride. We have come a long way…site has gotten bigger, customers all over world, we came out with our own wood steering wheels, dropped promo mixtapes, drop promo dvd, youtube videos, all over facebook, opened a small store front in the flea market in austin….more to come…real soon!!!

(Whip Appeal): Kats gotta respect your mind as well as your grind on this one!  As we bring the interview to a close, fill us in on who have been some of your most notable or memorable clients?

(Thomas Kemper of Slab Customs): I remember a kat from Austin name lil John…he was the first dude to bring me his whole income tax check to fix up his ride,  My boy DA from Kentucky…first kat to spend over $10,000 with me, kats down in Alaska…I couldn’t believe they were into cars down there lol..and all my customers outside of the U.S.…they really rep Slab Customs hard!!!!

 (Whip Appeal): Earlier in the interview you mentioned unique ways of promoting your company particulary the mixtapes, dvds etc..Tell me more about your marketing efforts.

 (Thomas Kemper of Slab Customs): We hooked up with A.T.L. Productions and dropped free promo mixtapes…screw and chopped…still grinding on craigslist, flyers, dvds, Youtube, Facebook…trying to get to the music videos…not there yet. Texas Heatwave car show in Austin…Los Magnificos car show In Houston and any small car shows in between. Any chance I have to advertise to get business I’m there. No matter how small it is.

 (Whip Appeal): I better start closing this out man, I could talk to you all day about your company, the cars and music. How about letting readers know about any future plans for Slab Customs.

 (Thomas Kemper of Slab Customs): I want to expand to a larger shop!  Make my website bigger and better. Open a location back home in Houston, and maybe other parts of Texas. This is just the beginning for us…We been in business for 7 years and we are still a young company…and ready to take on the world!!!!

 (Whip Appeal): Thomas if there is anything we have not covered speak now or forever hold your peace…lol, I think I’m really about to conclude the interview. I hate it’s coming to an end but I have taken up enough of your valuable time. You have Slabs to help build!

 (Thomas Kemper of Slab Customs): Well if you need anything hit us at http://www.slabcustoms.com , need a wood wheel visit http://www.kemperwoodwheels.com , need a dvd to bang in your ride visit http://www.hatavision.com , also we are on twitter, facebook and myspace and you can reach us at 512-803-2200…email sales@slabcustoms.com for questions!!

 (Whip Appeal): Thanks again my man for giving us the real rundown on the Texas Slab ride.

Back in 1861, Texas declared it’s separation from the Union and joined the Confederate states of America, but those states were never recognized as a separate country. After the Union defeated the Confederacy in 1865, all those confederate states were restored to full U.S. status. Every now and again in Texas politics however, you hear rumblings from a small minority who still desire a Texas secession from the nation. In the car world, some think Texas has already seceded when it comes to customizing automobiles. Taking that point of view is like looking at the entire custom car landscape through a very narrow lens.

Yes, there are many independent thinkers in the Texas whip game, just like in our politics. The major difference however is, the only rumblings you will hear from within The slab party is when boys beat down your block bangin Robert Earl Davis. Instead of being swayed by what’s in vogue, boys who ride Slab choose to roll on vogues wrapped around 84’s.

Not only is Texas an active part of the custom car community in the states but is also spreading influence abroad.  So the next time someone asks, “What ya’ll know about them Texas boys coming down in candy toys (RIP Chad “Pimp C” Butler) let’em know, “we still tippin and the paint still drippin”!



Until Next Time,

D. Smith/WhipAppeal Blog and WhipCreamz Custom Car Wax Collection

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Smoke-N-Mirrors: Builders Work Magic To Turn Trailblazer To Masterpiece

The year was 2006, a very significant year in the world of illusions and artful deception. So much so it was commemorated as the year in magic. Some of the most renown and recognized magicians who captivated their audiences with levitation and vanishing acts, were now capturing headlines and appearing on national networks all around the country.

Monte Carlo Resort magician Lance Burton kicked off the New Year in the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California. Burton, who signed the longest entertainment contract in Vegas, appeared once again that same year on prime time TV, during the Jerry Lewis MDA telethon.

Also in 2006, Simon Caldwell of American Idol fame, announced a new show that was in search of magicians. That show was America’s Got Talent and magicians were now sharing the stage and spotlight with other specialty acts and performers.  Criss Angel secured the second season for his show Mindfreak that year and Disney launched Disney Live, Mickey’s Magic Show. Even the richest and possibly best known magician David Copperfield got in on the act. After he and his party were approached at gun point, Copperfield magically thwarted the robbery attempt by making his pockets appear empty.  The culprits attempted a vanishing act of their own but were later apprehended by the authorities.

2006 has come and gone however, Carter Ingram kept a memento from that year and has a trick up his sleeve. He and his team of builders plan to work a little magic of their own that will delight car show spectators abroad starting this fall. 

The stage is set for The 2012 SEMA Show ( the leading automotive products trade event in the world) at the Las Vegas Convention Center; Las Vegas, Nevada; Oct 30 – Nov 2, 2012. Carter will not attempt to pull a rabbit from a hat or perform card tricks. What he has planned will be much more fascinating and spellbinding.  On the grandest stage in the automotive world, Carter will unveil a 2006 Trailblazer SS that has been transformed and reincarnated into what he describes as, “an asphalt assassin with nearly 670 hp and 625 ft lbs of torque”.

Whip Appeal caught up with Carter to tell us more about his project “Smoke N Mirrors”. We have also included a special video presentation that features current progress of the build leading up to SEMA 2012.

(Whip Appeal): Carter, give our readers a little background on you. How would you describe yourself?

(Carter Ingram/Owner of Smoke-N-Mirrors): I’m a leap-year baby, born in 1968. I am self employed, doing legal research at a family law firm in southwest Virginia. My hobbies include music, all custom vehicles, and enjoying the fellowship of my friends. Being in the Blue Ridge Mountains, a lot of outdoor adventure awaits you all year round. You can find me and my wife- yes I am married-  blazing the Blue Ridge Parkway, seeking out the next festival or vineyard on any giving weekend, blasting Zeppelin and Queen for all within ear shot to hear.

(Whip Appeal): When did you first become fascinated with custom vehicles and what made you decide to take on the challenge of customizing your own at this point in your life?

(Carter Ingram/Owner of Smoke-N-Mirrors ): I’ve always enjoyed cars and really enjoyed car components, stereos, paint jobs, motors and interiors.  When I moved to FL, I saw car competitions with car audio. The Daytona nationals were an eye opener to say the least.

I was 44 years old when I decided to build Smoke N Mirrors, Sitting at my desk in my office. In October 2011, I wanted a rendering as a Christmas gift.  As luck would have it, Bill Denham of Karbon Kreationz just happened to call the very night I was looking for his number. Bill and I had worked together on a related project called DARK DREAM 3 years prior. Bill and I started talking SEMA and as the rendering started to come along, so did the idea of doing a real build with the Trailblazer SS. Kris Carroll agreed to jump on board with his team and new shop. So from there, we loaded up the SS and shipped him (referring to the Trailblazer) to Fort Smith, Arkansas where he is getting ready to dazzle the senses and delight the mind’s eye.

The team involved with this build has always felt like family, excited members clamoring to join.

(Whip Appeal): What club affiliation if any are you associated with?

(Carter Ingram/Owner of Smoke-N-Mirrors ): I do not belong to any car clubs, way too much drama. I have seen 1st hand how small this truck scene really is.

 (Whip Appeal): From all accounts this is going to be one hot project once completed and unveiled at SEMA 2012, tell our readers more about Smoke-N-Mirrors and how it was conceptualized.

(Carter Ingram/Owner of Smoke-N-Mirrors ): After Brainstorming the project with Bill Denham of Karbon Kreationz, we came up with the name and theme for the project. The theme was to ‘trick the eye, see things that aren’t really there…”illusion”.  I suggested Smoke N Mirrors.  We set out to make a vehicle that sets the standard for years to come (not to add to it).  This build is not just about me, I want this project to generate business for my team members.

Smoke N Mirrors is my vision of a re-entry vehicle. A future enforcer and street freak. This SS is unique because each artist/craftsman on the team has full creative freedom. They have my permission to do what they want to anytime they want to do something, I don’t micro manage. This build is for me to treasure for all time, not to be sold to the highest bidder at Barrett. He (Smoke-N-Mirrors) will be blistering the asphalt all around the nation, destroying the competition on the East coast while setting trends for the west coast to follow. The team and I are creating an asphalt assassin with nearly 670 hp and 625 ft lbs of torque. My vision is to cause chaos wherever I go and for the fans to be amazed at the incredible craftsmanship my team family has given to the world.

 (Whip Appeal): When and where did you buy this Trailblazer and was it purchased specifically to customize?

(Carter Ingram/Owner of Smoke-N-Mirrors ): TheTrailblazer was purchased stock from the dealership. It was originally going to be a garage kept weekend warrior.

I was in the market to buy a new car. The Trailblazer test drove well and after seeing the SS badge, I bought the 2006 Trailblazer SS AWD new from the dealership, right off the transport truck. I had to have it because of the rarity of this vehicle. Plans of it being a daily driver soon dissolved into custom dreams. I had not seen one yet and had to have this monster in black. Because it was new I was scared to take him out in public so the mileage was low, only 12,572 on the odometer when Kris Carroll tore him down.

(Whip Appeal): After plans transformed from daily driver to show custom, explain the conversations and processes that took place once you were all in on creating this one of a kind custom build.

(Carter Ingram/Owner of Smoke-N-Mirrors ): I talked to Kris Carroll, he started the storybook tale, he said yes he could do the build, and yes it could be done in time for SEMA Show 2012.  I was extremely excited…on a scale of 1 to 10, it was definitely an 11!

I was enthusiastic, eager, like a child with his first toy. When I was talking with Bill Denham and we started putting the family together we had 1 rule; excitement must be ground zero for that person in regards to my build. We went through quite a list, but we weeded out the bad components and blazed a bold new path to achieve our goals for SEMA. From day one, I have always let my team do what they do, without confining them to my pre-conceived idea about something from this I like to I like that on that truck, etc. I gave each artist a canvas with the expectation that they would, with passion and true friendship as opposed to just another client, return a masterpiece back to me.

(Whip Appeal): Once the ball got rolling was it smooth sailing or were there setbacks along the way? When did you know for sure this vision would be reality?

(Carter Ingram/Owner of Smoke-N-Mirrors ): Well now, it gets a little crazy here. With a deep breath…….! It all started by phone as we began making battle plans to conquer the show scene when I realized,  Dang, I am not a rock star, nor a pro athlete, what shall I do? Bill says we must have marketing. Steve Burkett from SCI comes on board and like a shooting star, gets 2 sponsors and slowly burns out. After that happened, I challenged the family to step up. Kris Carroll calls his contacts, Robbie Bryant helps out and then it hits Bill and I like a ton of lead…”WE CAN FREAKIN MARKET”!!!!! So we hit the phones ourselves, sent e-mails and made even more calls. At the time of this interview, we are still getting folks on board with the hottest build of 2012.

(Whip Appeal): What’s unique about the project and your team?

(Carter Ingram/Owner of Smoke-N-Mirrors ): Well for starters the vehicle is rare to begin with. It’s an all wheel drive. It’s only the second one to be done…ever.

My team is unique, the best of the best, the cream of the crop, in my opinion.

There’s a lot of one off stuff on this project like custom ½ steel frame, hand made custom solid 1 piece spindles, upper and lower control arms. More custom tricks include a 1-off engine cradle to hold the stroked LS2, which is not common place. A custom exhaust sits under the beast. Next let us discuss the body, it’s as smooth as a prom queen. Smoke N Mirrors is devoid of outside distractions which only confuse those already in ah of what they are seeing before them. Finally the paint is being done by the artist formally knows as Ed Williamson. What we envision is several months of intense air brushing work both inside and outside, bumper to bumper. That is just the tip of the illusion.

(Whip Appeal): When will Smoke N Mirrors be complete and where will it be unveiled?

(Carter Ingram/Owner of Smoke-N-Mirrors ): This Halloween at SEMA (Las Vegas, NV 2012, baby!) Right now we are set to unveil at the street trucks booth but you never know.

(Whip Appeal): Any future projects planned after Smoke N Mirrors

(Carter Ingram/Owner of Smoke-N-Mirrors ): Yes I’m looking at a couple. Either a 300m or the new Buick enclave could be the next victim. I may even do the wife’s 2001 ford escape for her.

(Whip Appeal): I do understand how addictive customizing and modifying cars can become. Well Carter, what final thoughts or comments would you like to make?

(Carter Ingram/Owner of Smoke-N-Mirrors): Of course thanks to all my sponsors, you can see the list from the stickers on the Smoke N Mirrors rendering. And thanks to my mom who inspired me to follow the yellow brick road to Vegas!

(Whip Appeal): We wish you much success at the unveiling at SEMA and will follow up for more images of the completed project afterwards. We would love to share them with our readers!

When Carter first shared his vision and rendering with his team it was if they had responded, “your wish is my command”.  But words like abracadabra and hocus pocus did not produce Smoke N Mirrors, hard work and creativity did. There was no waving of magic wands or granting of 3 wishes. Although the name may imply optical illusion, this truck is no hologram, its real! It’s a testament to the master craftsmen and artists including the fabricators, painters and other team members and sponsors who used their skills, shops, resources, products and imagination to turn this street dream into a roaring and rumbling reality.

The intricate paint scheme, airbrush work and other intriguing details of this project will mesmerize you but make no mistake about it, Smoke N Mirrors is not the work of magic. It’s a work of art !

CLICK BELOW- to see the video of the current progress and transformation of this one of a kind build.


Make sure to check out Smoke-N-Mirrors at SEMA Show 2012!

Until Next Time,

D. Smith/WhipAppeal Blog and WhipCreamz CarWax

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