Are You Washing the Value of Your Car Down The Drain?

You made and investment when you purchased your automobile. Like any other investment, your desire is that it maintain its worth. When the time does come to sell or trade in your automobile, you want to receive the greatest value possible. Inertia however, is the greatest enemy to your automobile and your pocket book.
Neglect of your cars appearance is the swiftest way to diminish its value and can cost you more money up front to get it back to a cosmetically maintainable condition or, it will cause you to leave money on the table on the backend when you decide to upgrade to your next vehicle. The problem with neglect includes contaimanent buildup or careless car washing, both can damage your cars paint and its over all shine and luster.
When industrial emissions and fallout are deposited on your car and dries, it eats the paint. Acid from bugs, bird droppings and tree sap will cause permanent stains when left on your car. Careless car washing can also leave the paint in worse condition than when you started.
Dish soap, laundry soap and household cleaners are too harsh to use on car’s paint and can dull the finish. Using the wrong towels and cloths can leave hairline scratches. Even automatic car washes can do damage.
Self serve car washes and touch-less washes use very concentrated chemicals, pre-soaks and degreasers that will wash away some of the protection on your paint and diminish the shine. Don’t wash the value of your car down the drain!

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 Until next time,

D. Smith-AKA TheGlossBoss.COM

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