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Just Add Wood (Retro Custom Idea For Your Truck Bed)

Wood Bed floors adds a nice classic touch to custom trucks. It takes the custom to another level and adds style and personality to the overall build. You can find wood bed kits for almost all the popular trucks out there including Ford, Chevy and Dodge. A company in Kentucky, Bedwood and Parts LLC, manufactures applications for early model trucks as far back as 1917 to current and they have a very innovative product called the RetroLiner that include SUV’s, Crossovers and all vehicles with a steel bed floor.  Visit for more information .Order a Free catalog while you are there.

 If you do decide to add a bed wood floor to your truck, you will need to add and maintain a quality finish to protect it from the elements to keep it looking its very best. Each person has his/her own style and preference therefore, there’s not one specific finish that can be recommended as the best however, there are a few guidelines and suggestions I found on the Mar-K site that will help maximize the results for a great looking appearance. They have also performed testing on at least 10 finishing methods in which they update with results over time to empower you with more info to help you determine the appearance maintenance option that will work best for you.

Good luck with your research and if you add a wood bed, share your pictures with us.

Until Next time,

D. Smith aka TheGlossBoss.Com


A Recipe for Success; The Dodo Juice Home Brew

Dom and PJ have created an exciting company over the years. Their car wax line Dodo Juice and now this exciting new product The Home Brew Kit, are both taking the car care products industry by storm. Dodo Juice, a high end carnauba wax company based in the UK, continues to build a cult like following among auto enthusiasts and detailing hobbyist and professionals everywhere.

Dodo Juice is intriquing because they are cool! From their vivid colored waxes and matching colored labels, wacky product names and constant drip of creative new products like The Home Brew Wax Kit, everything about them says “Cool”. In full disclosure, prior to this point, my only exposure to Dom and PJ’s company had been from following them online and through social media, admiring them from afar.

I stumbled across Dodo Juice a few years back on, a company I buy auto detailing products from online. Although I knew at somepoint I would add their expanding car wax line to my supplies, I took the leap from fan to client soon after the release of the Home Brew Wax Kit. My path to becoming a Dodo Head (my moniker that describes being a fan of the company) is laid out below.

Last year I began doing the research and laying the ground work for creating my independent car wax line, Whip Creamz. My quest for information led me to several detailing sites and forums that would aid in shortening my learning curve. One particular discussion thread I ran across on the Detailing World website yielded very valuable information. Just reading the thread gave me a wealth of knowledge, but there was a real “cool” gesture of good will within the thread comments that captured my attention and catapulted my level of respect and appreciation for Dodo Juice.

Rubbishboy(username on the detailing world forum) raised questions in the thread seeking tips, techniques and formulations that would help him create a home made wax. In short and to my pleasant surpirse, Dom (username Dodo Factory) was entering comments in this thread giving encouragement, tips and guidance to this aspiring wax enthusiast who was attempting to get his home brew from conception to creation. I read further and not only did Dom (Dodo Factory) offer advice, he (they) offered to help Rubbishboy bring his homemade wax to market. How cool is that!?

A few months after I ran across this thread that dates back to 2007, what do you know, Dodo Juice launched a home brew wax kit! Here is a partial product description from …the Dodo Juice Home Brew Wax Kit is the best gift you can get for a car enthusiast. This simple kit gives anyone the ability to brew up their own wax, name it, and then enjoy the fruits of their labors. The Dodo Juice Home Brew Wax Kit produces 250 ml. of high quality car wax. My prayers had been answered!

In my own way, I knew that once I got my hands on this kit it would be like Dom was giving me the same guidance and direction given to Rubbishboy years ago. Sure, all the formulations were pre-mixed which cuts out the majority of brewing mistakes and almost guarantees a certain level of success. But having accomplished various goals in other areas of my entreprenurial pursuits, I understood how invaluable this kit would be in providing me with another soft step towards eventually bringing my line to market. The sense of achievement I would get from a productive experiment was the experience I needed to defend against inertia. For me, the Home Brew kit contained the confidence and efficiency I needed, packaged and delivered directly to me from Dodo Juice! I viewed it this way, if I have a successful experience brewing wax from this kit, it would continue to feed my enthusiasm and provide me with even more momentum and passion for this momentous ambition and undertaking of bringing Whip Creamz to market.

So what was the outcome of my home brewing experience courtesy of Dodo Juice? See for yourself by way of the images below.

Step 1: Identify all contents of the kit

Step 2: Mix the liquid and wax flakes together

Step 3: Start brewing

Step 4: The cooling phase

Step 5: Finished product

As you can see, my home brew experience was a success as implied by Dodo Juice, if you follow the simple instructions contained in the kit.

In closing and in my limited knowledge and personal opinion, what makes Dodo Juice stand out is that they are cool guys, who created a cool company, that releases cool products that perform. That’s the way of the Dodo. That’s the recipe for success!

Thanks Dom and PJ for following your passion and allowing auto enthusiasts like me the ability to follow mine by using this cool new product. Home brewers unite!

Until next time,

D. Smith aka TheGlossBoss.Com

P.S. By the way, did I mention, Rubbish Boys wax line is indeed available in the market place. Google Rubbish Boy’s Original and Rubbish Boy’s Juiced Edition (the Dodo Juice collab version). Just plain all around COOL!

Rag Time: How To Add A Sliding Ragtop To Your Custom Ride

Texas is known for it’s HOT summers and Retractable Roofs, that’s right, convertible roofs. And just like everything in Texas, we do it BIG! Think about Reliant stadium where the Texans play…retractable roof. How about the spectacular Cowboy stadium…retractable roof. Since we can’t beat the heat when it comes to cruising in Texas, why not let the sunshine in by, that’s right you guessed it, adding a retractable roof to your ride.

I have been contemplating having this done to my mild custom for sometime now. The only drawback for me was and is, more information on the best manufacturers and also a reliable fab shop that can install it to look as factory as possible for a clean and flawless look and proper functionality. Cutting a hole in the roof of your vehicle is not a small order. One error in the measurements or cutting can wipe out the value of your vehicle and crush your summer cruising dreams. Once I find the right experienced installer and decide on the company to purchase from, it’s on as they say.

Since I’ve already started researching this process, I thought perhaps some of my readers may like the idea of ragging their rides also, therefore I decided to share what research I have completed to this point.

I added a few links that describe to installation process so you can see what it takes to have one installed. Make sure you go through a diligent vetting process when chosing a shop. This is crucial when it comes to having a clean top that functions properly.

Links to step by step ragtop installation instructions below:

1. http://


I also included a few spots I have found online that sell ragtops. Many offer standard sizes by vehicles and some you can have custom made. Check out the links below for more information.

Online stores that sell sliding ragtops:





If you have experience with ragtops, share your thoughts and comments for the benefit of other readers to help us avoid any pitfalls. If you are in the process of installing a rag, share your build photos with us.

Tell your buddies about the Whip Appeal Auto Enthusiast blog. I cover everything from rags to swtiches and everything in between. It’s a great place to share ideas, images, information and more.






Until next time,

D. Smith aka TheGlossBoss.Com


Adding the right wheels to your custom rod or muscle car project is paramount. The shoes on your whip can dramatically impact the appearance of your ride so you want to get it right.  There are endless companies in the custom after market wheel industry however, here are some of the hottest brands for rods and muscle cars. In addition, they deliver some of the best craftsmanship and quality in the rod market and a few have become house hold names and classics in rodding.

If you want a sure shot shoe for your ride, check out these brands. I am sure you will  find a selection of forged 5 stars or other design to stuff under those fat fenders.


Coy’s Equipped LLC. is a custom wheel manufacturer specializing in the production of the highest quality cast aluminum wheels for hot rods and muscle cars on the planet. Coy’s has been building its own wheels since the early 2000’s and has brought many new sizes and innovations to the muscle car wheel market. Coy’s was the first manufacture in the world to offer a full line of custom one piece cast wheels ranging from 17 in to 22 inch for hot rod and muscle cars.

     2.     BOZE:

Boze alloys offers unique styled forged and billet wheels for hard-to-fit vehicles, luxury and exotic cars, performance cars, lowered and lifted trucks and luxury SUV. Boze Forged Wheels & ZE Forged are popular wheels for pro-touring and muscle cars with an aggressive stance. 


 Manes Machine & Engineering was started in 1982 inCorona, Ca. and moved to Ft. Collins, Co. in 1992. The company provides precision machined products to the aerospace industry under private contracts. Expanding into the aftermarket wheel line in 1994 under the brand name of Colorado Custom, has allowed us to diversify and expand into new arenas. Our future is tied to satisfying the needs of a broad spectrum of customers, none of which will receive anything but our finest efforts. 

  1. BUDNIK:

Budnik Wheels continues to lead the industry in cutting edge design, precision manufacturing and customer service. Setting the standard with the finest in custom built forged wheels and steering wheels. Proudly designed and made in American craftsmen. 

  1. BOYDS:  

Boyd Coddington Wheels founded it’s roots in a family tradition of hot rodding. … product, allowing us to focus our twenty-five plus years of custom wheel experience into hand crafting the finest forged wheels available. … billet and cast wheels. 

  1. INTRO:

Intro Custom Wheels is a full service fabrication and custom wheel design facility. Catering to individualizing and the custom fit market for the automotive industry. Several of our patented wheel designs are on the road today.

Our goal is to satisfy you, our valued customer and fellow enthusiast, by offering you the hottest wheels in the industry from concept and design to final construction. Our wheels reflect our insight into the heart of the auto enthusiast community, and have no equal. 


Billet Specialties began producing billet aluminum wheels the Muscle Car wheels combine attention on fit and finish for street rods. With the addition of Billet Specialties steering wheels and road wheels, No other company covers street rods, hot rods, and sport trucks like Billet Specialties. 

  1. CRAGAR:

In 1964 Cragar S/S Super Sport Wheel introduced in the mag wheel industry by Roy Richter. Ray Brock, who was publisher of Hot Rod and a close friend of Richter’s, received the first production set of Cragars for his new 1964 Mustang.

Within months after the S/S’s introduction, Richter had to open new plants in nearbyBell Gardens, then a larger facility inSouth Gate, and finally to an even more elaborate factory inCompton. He was soon selling thousands of Cragars to the likes of J.C. Penny, BFGoodrich, and Goodyear. By 1971, Richter’s little speed shop onGage Avenuehad increased to a point where it was employing nearly 500 people at its three plants and generating $31 million in annual sales. His Cragar wheels-and the copies they would engender-would be sold in the tens of millions. 


 American Racing Wheel Torq Thrust quickly became the choice for hot rod wheels, muscle car wheels, Street Rod Wheels. 

  1. FOOSE:

The new millennium meant new endeavors for Chip, in January of 2000, he signed a licensing agreement with MHT Luxury Alloys, allowing Chip to start the production of Foose Wheels.

2004 proved to be as exhilarating as the past years, Chip started a television series called “Overhaulin'”, which began airing on the TLC network late April of 2004. With 5 successful seasons in the books and nearly 90 vehicles restored, the show continues to air in most domestic and international markets.

 Along with his wife Lynne, Chip continues to run his business Foose Design, where he designs and builds automotive masterpieces.

Until next time,


D. Smith aka TheGlossBoss.Com

(Cool Whipz Feature): The Tangerine Dream Machine; Introducing The Orange Crush

The Tangerine Dream Machine; Introducing The

Orange Crush

Some of you may not be old enough to remember the Denver Broncos defense of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. It’s been a while for me also however, I still vaguely remember all the attention and excitement the Broncos garnered from both NFL teams and fans alike. This Denver defensive unit went on to become one of the most exciting defenses of its time. They became known as The Orange Crush, named after a popular soft drink, because of their number one run defense and orange home uniforms. Those orange uniforms were replaced in 1997 and although The Orange Crush defense no longer exist, the saga and excitement continues, albeit in reincarnate fashion. Fast forward to today.

On any given Sunday if you are cruising around the city of Houston,Texas (Home of the Texans), you might spot The Orange Crush. Don’t look for defensive linemen pounding opposing offenses instead, this Orange Crush will be pounding the concrete on two wheels. As a matter of fact, the only thing today’s Orange Crush has in common with the stand out Denver defense is that it attracts alot of attention and creates excitement! Furthermore, the same year those orange uniforms were retired in Denver, was the same year our featured “Cool Whip”, a 1997 Harley-Davidson Heritage Springer, was produced. Today this Heritage Springer is far from stock. It has been fully customized by Fly Rydes Kustom Toyz and is the pride and joy of owner “SHANNO”, the National VP & Founding Member of Hard Riders MC. The Orange Crush is not a bike that could be bought, it’s one that had to be built!

Click for more photos of the Orange Crush & Slide Presentation. The Orange Crush Bike

Review build specs below.

  • 5 months build time
  • Custom design wheels by Fly Rydes: Front: 21×3.5 Rear: 17×3.5
  • Exhaust: Thunder Header
  • Custom paint by Fly Rydes: Candy Tangerine over Silver with panel graphics
  • Painter: Fly Rydes Big E
  • Custom designed and build 16″ Ape Hangers (Ape Beaters)
  • Custom fabricated wrap-around front fender” by Fly Rydes
  • Custom fabricated stock rear fender stretched 5″ by Fly Rydes
  • Cat-Eye L.E.D all-in-one taillight
  • Custom mirrors
  • Custom fabricated Hard Rider logo bag latches
  • Custom fabricated seat by Thunder Head Design Stoney Paul: triple stitched orange, black leather and crocodile
  • Custom fabricated Screamin’ Eagle stretch hard bags by Fly Rydes
  • Custom fabricated stretched gas tank by Fly Rydes
  • Custom fabricated dash by Fly Rydes
  • Custom fabricated headlight by Fly Rydes
  • Custom fabricated engine guard and lower leg fairings by Fly Rydes

For Orange Crush appearances at car or bike dealerships, custom shows, parties and special events, contact Mayfield Marketing at 832.207.6525 today.

If you would like your street rod, bike or cruiser to be featured in the “Cool Whipz” section of this blog, email us at

Until next time,

D. Smith aka TheGlossBoss.Com

9 Tips on Cleaning and Conditioning Your Vehicle’s interior

As you are already aware, the carpet in your automobile goes through a lot of foot traffic. All the grime, mud, sand, road salt, oil and other things that your shoes and those of your passengers, track into your vehicle’s interior and onto the carpet, accumulate and settle deep into the fibers. Many of these objects are tough to remove by simply vacuuming the carpet and floor mats, that’s when a thorough carpet cleaning technique becomes necessary.

Caring for your interior is just as important as your exterior. You spend the most time inside your vehicle and your passengers often take notice of how clean, or not so clean, your interior is. It’s important to protect your interior trim and leather from harmful UV rays that can potentially dry out and fade your interior. Keep your interior looking like new so you enjoy getting into your vehicle each and every time.


Interior Car Care Tips: Click Below:

Until next time,

D. Smith aka TheGlossBoss.Com

Why You Should Wash Your Car With Steam not Water

Traditional car washing methods are being phased out in many areas due to excessive water waste (high pressure washer) and contamination (toxic water run-off). As a result mobile detailing is evolving. More emphasis is now being placed on eco-friendly methods of detailing while at the same time improving the quality of the finished product, the shine and luster of you vehicle.
With the right vapor steam cleaner it is now possible to clean your vehicle inside and out. Today’s vapor steam technology will leave your vehicle’s exterior spotlessly clean and the interior fresh and odor free! Review the benefits below as well as each section for more details.


1. No messy cleanup from excess water left in your driveway or commercial parking lot.

2. No contamination from toxic water runoff into storm drains and water- ways.

3. Vapor steam gives you the purest clean available.


The traditional commercial car wash uses approximately 45 gallons of water per vehicle to wash. The average person uses between 80-140 gallons of water to wash their automobile at home (International Car Wash Association). The traditional methods of car-washing requires an enormous amount of water and in many areas where drought and lack of reliable water supply is a concern, new laws and legislation are forcing improvements, therefore mobile detailers unwilling or unable to change will not survive.
Steam cleaning in addition to other car wash methods including dry and rinse less washing are a few of today’s solutions. Skillful use of today’s state of the art vapor steam technology will allow you the ability to clean your vehicle inside and out! In the right hands using the right techniques, vapor steam machines can be safe and mild enough to use on all car finishes without harming or scratching the surface surface.
The most unbelievable part of using vapor steam technology is that it typically takes less than 2 liters (1/2 gallon) of water per vehicle to clean.  It also enhances the paint and provides a more thorough cleaning of your automobile.


The water runoff using the traditional car-washing method contains pollutants such as the solvents, grease, oil, debris and metals that come from both the soaps and chemicals used and off the cars being washed. These contaminants are often rinsed into the storm drains right from the driveways and parking lots where the washing takes place.  The toxic discharge often finds its way from the drains into the rivers and waterways where it can have adverse effects on the ecosystem.
Vapor steam technology provides the purest clean available. No chemicals are required in most cases of normal road dirt and grime from daily driving activities. 

The vehicle is sprayed with a quick detailer product that contains surfactants and polymers for additional lubrication. The next step is to introduce the high-pressure steam wash to the exterior of the vehicle focusing on one panel at a time. The steam vapor loosens the dirt from the surface of the cars paint and the heat from the steam melts away the grime. The high-pressure steam blows off the dust and smear. Finally take your micro-fiber towel for a nice smooth wipe down. No harsh chemicals!

Now step back and notice the pure and enhanced clean using vapor steam technology! 


When used to clean car interior surfaces, vapor steam not only cleans it disinfects and sanitizes by killing dust mites, mold and fungus. In addition, it destroys odor causing germs and bacteria. If you have allergies or kids, don’t settle for the traditional clean, request vapor steam!

During the winter months Gloss Boss Luxury Mobile Detailing, my auto detailing service chooses the vapor steam clean method as the method of choice. We have several steamers to fit any job description.


View this clip I found on you tube to witness vapor steam car washing in action:

 Optima Steam Cleaning Machine

I also included one of my steam cleaning quick clips from a few years back for you to view as well. We have been using this technique for a while now.

Steam Car Wash Clip from TheGlossBoss.Com 

Until next time,

D. Smith aka TheGlossBoss.Com

5 Custom Shops In Texas to Help With Your Bike, Rod, Cruiser Project

Are you currently building or in the planning stages of building your custom rod, bike or cruiser? Perhaps you are now ready to complete that restoration project you have been dreaming about.  Regardless of what stage of the project you are in, if you are in Texas there are a few shops you may want to consider or at least check out and get more information.

I have listed a few of the shops I have found online as a resource and first step. I have personally used a few of the shops to help me with my restoration and would recommend you give them a call. The shops I have used include Soundjamz Audio in Pearland, TX. Rick Lilliard is the owner and a cool guy! I have used 5 Star Auto Upholstery Shop as well, ask for Mike.  The other shops, I am either friends with on Facebook or follow on Twitter because I admire their work from afar however I have not used them as of current. I recommend doing your do diligence but this list should help you get started.

Good luck with your build and show us some photos of your progress!


Is it time to upgrade your Car, Truck or SUV’s sound system? Maybe you’re looking into adding a TV with DVD, Game System, XM Satellite, or VCR?

Anything from a basic radio or factory speaker upgrade to a full blown competition system, SoundJamz is the place you need for quality top notch car entertainment and vehicle security.

SoundJamz is located about 20 minutes south of Houston, we specialize in custom installs,
limited only by your imagination.

We warranty our installations for life, and strive for 100% customer satisfaction.


KingPin Kustomz is well know for it’s custom work. We build bad a*! cars and trucks!! The Custom Installer, Heath Moore, has been building custom vehicles for over sixteen (16) years. He was most recently awarded the Top Installer and Custom Installer of the year for the last three (3) years. Not only does he own Kingpin Kustomz, he also works here.

We will soon be posting pictures of the shop and recent work. We welcome everyone to come out and visit the shop and watch our work in progress. So come on and check it out. The shop is located at 5205 FM 517 East Dickinson TX 77539. Our phone number is 281-645-6271.


5 Star Upholstery is a full service upholstery company serving GulfCoastcustomers since 1989, so we understand your needs.  We offer quality craftsmanship, superior personal service and on time delivery.

Our staff of experienced upholsterers are here to transform your automobile, classic car, street rod, chopper, antique and office furniture, boat or yacht back to its original condition. We are here to solve all your upholstery problems and help create your vision of beauty, style and comfort. 5 Star Upholstery is committed to quality, service and customer satisfaction.

We invite you to stop by our shop at 901 E. Main Street in League City, Texas and see our work in progress and encourage you to look in our Gallery at our “Before and After” photo page.

5 Star Upholstery would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our web site and look forward to reviving your treasures back to their original beauty.


Bagger Concepts offers a full range of upgrades to give you more power, better sound and the sickest paint & accessories for your motorcycle.

What we do:


-The Loudest Audio Systems for your bagger (Amps, Lids, Speakers)


-Suspension/Lowering /Handling kits

-Wheel/Tire combinations with sizes from stock to special order

-Lighting systems/LED’s

-Loud Lids

-Airbrush/Custom Paint

-Custom Fabrication/Fiberglass work is also available on special request.

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

Contact us with your special request and we can help fulfill your needs.


Each project at North Texas Customs gets the focus it deserves. Our specialty is metal work, including extensive restoration, custom fabrication, and media blasting. We also offer suspensions, custom paint and engine work. With over 15 years in the industry, we have in-depth experience you can trust to see your project through from concept to completion. Take a look around, visit our photo galleries and please drop us a line if you have any questions.

Conveniently located in the DFW area, minutes from highways 190, 75, and I-30. Pickup/delivery available. Click on “Where to Find Us” for a map and hours, or “Contact Us” to send a question or message instantly.

Until next time,

D. Smith aka TheGlossBoss.Com

Guide To Caring for Expensive Custom Wheels In Each Finish

Wheels can drastically change the appearance of any vehicle, which is proven by the huge after market offering. Having wheels covered in brake dust is a complete eye sore and can take away from the overall look of any vehicle. Wheels that look brand new, on the other hand, can turn heads and really show off your car. Rims are also very expensive to replace, therefore caring and protecting them is always the smart economic decision.

Below is a link to a very helpful guide to maintaining your expensive custom wheels regardless of the finish.

Click here:

Until next time,

D. Smith aka TheGlossBoss.Com

This Is Absolutely Why You Should Polish Your Ride

Polishing is the step in the detailing process that yields the most dramatic difference in your paint. The objective of polishing is to remove imperfections in the paint, such as swirls, scratches, water spots, etchings, and oxidation. Having these imperfections in your paint means that light that passes through gets refracted, ultimately dulling the finish, yielding less gloss and depth, less reflections, and can turn into an eye sore. When these imperfections are removed, your paint will have the highest level of gloss and reflections are mirror like, with sharp accurate detail.

The image to the right show swirl marks before polishing. The above image shows after polishing. The below images show before and after shots of a serverly oxidized roof of a 2008 Cadillac. As you can see from the images, polishing makes a drastic impact on the paint and the overall appearance of the vehicle.

Until next time,

D. Smith aka  TheGlossBoss.Com

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