Why You Should Wash Your Car With Steam not Water

Traditional car washing methods are being phased out in many areas due to excessive water waste (high pressure washer) and contamination (toxic water run-off). As a result mobile detailing is evolving. More emphasis is now being placed on eco-friendly methods of detailing while at the same time improving the quality of the finished product, the shine and luster of you vehicle.
With the right vapor steam cleaner it is now possible to clean your vehicle inside and out. Today’s vapor steam technology will leave your vehicle’s exterior spotlessly clean and the interior fresh and odor free! Review the benefits below as well as each section for more details.


1. No messy cleanup from excess water left in your driveway or commercial parking lot.

2. No contamination from toxic water runoff into storm drains and water- ways.

3. Vapor steam gives you the purest clean available.


The traditional commercial car wash uses approximately 45 gallons of water per vehicle to wash. The average person uses between 80-140 gallons of water to wash their automobile at home (International Car Wash Association). The traditional methods of car-washing requires an enormous amount of water and in many areas where drought and lack of reliable water supply is a concern, new laws and legislation are forcing improvements, therefore mobile detailers unwilling or unable to change will not survive.
Steam cleaning in addition to other car wash methods including dry and rinse less washing are a few of today’s solutions. Skillful use of today’s state of the art vapor steam technology will allow you the ability to clean your vehicle inside and out! In the right hands using the right techniques, vapor steam machines can be safe and mild enough to use on all car finishes without harming or scratching the surface surface.
The most unbelievable part of using vapor steam technology is that it typically takes less than 2 liters (1/2 gallon) of water per vehicle to clean.  It also enhances the paint and provides a more thorough cleaning of your automobile.


The water runoff using the traditional car-washing method contains pollutants such as the solvents, grease, oil, debris and metals that come from both the soaps and chemicals used and off the cars being washed. These contaminants are often rinsed into the storm drains right from the driveways and parking lots where the washing takes place.  The toxic discharge often finds its way from the drains into the rivers and waterways where it can have adverse effects on the ecosystem.
Vapor steam technology provides the purest clean available. No chemicals are required in most cases of normal road dirt and grime from daily driving activities. 

The vehicle is sprayed with a quick detailer product that contains surfactants and polymers for additional lubrication. The next step is to introduce the high-pressure steam wash to the exterior of the vehicle focusing on one panel at a time. The steam vapor loosens the dirt from the surface of the cars paint and the heat from the steam melts away the grime. The high-pressure steam blows off the dust and smear. Finally take your micro-fiber towel for a nice smooth wipe down. No harsh chemicals!

Now step back and notice the pure and enhanced clean using vapor steam technology! 


When used to clean car interior surfaces, vapor steam not only cleans it disinfects and sanitizes by killing dust mites, mold and fungus. In addition, it destroys odor causing germs and bacteria. If you have allergies or kids, don’t settle for the traditional clean, request vapor steam!

During the winter months Gloss Boss Luxury Mobile Detailing, my auto detailing service chooses the vapor steam clean method as the method of choice. We have several steamers to fit any job description.


View this clip I found on you tube to witness vapor steam car washing in action:

 Optima Steam Cleaning Machine

I also included one of my steam cleaning quick clips from a few years back for you to view as well. We have been using this technique for a while now.

Steam Car Wash Clip from TheGlossBoss.Com 

Until next time,

D. Smith aka TheGlossBoss.Com

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2 thoughts on “Why You Should Wash Your Car With Steam not Water

  1. Nice article, I am looking into opening a car wash business and looked into one car franchise that was offering steam cleaning services, quite new to me so I thought to research, your article explained it well. Thanks!

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