A Recipe for Success; The Dodo Juice Home Brew

Dom and PJ have created an exciting company over the years. Their car wax line Dodo Juice and now this exciting new product The Home Brew Kit, are both taking the car care products industry by storm. Dodo Juice, a high end carnauba wax company based in the UK, continues to build a cult like following among auto enthusiasts and detailing hobbyist and professionals everywhere.

Dodo Juice is intriquing because they are cool! From their vivid colored waxes and matching colored labels, wacky product names and constant drip of creative new products like The Home Brew Wax Kit, everything about them says “Cool”. In full disclosure, prior to this point, my only exposure to Dom and PJ’s company had been from following them online and through social media, admiring them from afar.

I stumbled across Dodo Juice a few years back on Autogeek.net, a company I buy auto detailing products from online. Although I knew at somepoint I would add their expanding car wax line to my supplies, I took the leap from fan to client soon after the release of the Home Brew Wax Kit. My path to becoming a Dodo Head (my moniker that describes being a fan of the company) is laid out below.

Last year I began doing the research and laying the ground work for creating my independent car wax line, Whip Creamz. My quest for information led me to several detailing sites and forums that would aid in shortening my learning curve. One particular discussion thread I ran across on the Detailing World website yielded very valuable information. Just reading the thread gave me a wealth of knowledge, but there was a real “cool” gesture of good will within the thread comments that captured my attention and catapulted my level of respect and appreciation for Dodo Juice.

Rubbishboy(username on the detailing world forum) raised questions in the thread seeking tips, techniques and formulations that would help him create a home made wax. In short and to my pleasant surpirse, Dom (username Dodo Factory) was entering comments in this thread giving encouragement, tips and guidance to this aspiring wax enthusiast who was attempting to get his home brew from conception to creation. I read further and not only did Dom (Dodo Factory) offer advice, he (they) offered to help Rubbishboy bring his homemade wax to market. How cool is that!?

A few months after I ran across this thread that dates back to 2007, what do you know, Dodo Juice launched a home brew wax kit! Here is a partial product description from Autogeek.net: …the Dodo Juice Home Brew Wax Kit is the best gift you can get for a car enthusiast. This simple kit gives anyone the ability to brew up their own wax, name it, and then enjoy the fruits of their labors. The Dodo Juice Home Brew Wax Kit produces 250 ml. of high quality car wax. My prayers had been answered!

In my own way, I knew that once I got my hands on this kit it would be like Dom was giving me the same guidance and direction given to Rubbishboy years ago. Sure, all the formulations were pre-mixed which cuts out the majority of brewing mistakes and almost guarantees a certain level of success. But having accomplished various goals in other areas of my entreprenurial pursuits, I understood how invaluable this kit would be in providing me with another soft step towards eventually bringing my line to market. The sense of achievement I would get from a productive experiment was the experience I needed to defend against inertia. For me, the Home Brew kit contained the confidence and efficiency I needed, packaged and delivered directly to me from Dodo Juice! I viewed it this way, if I have a successful experience brewing wax from this kit, it would continue to feed my enthusiasm and provide me with even more momentum and passion for this momentous ambition and undertaking of bringing Whip Creamz to market.

So what was the outcome of my home brewing experience courtesy of Dodo Juice? See for yourself by way of the images below.

Step 1: Identify all contents of the kit

Step 2: Mix the liquid and wax flakes together

Step 3: Start brewing

Step 4: The cooling phase

Step 5: Finished product

As you can see, my home brew experience was a success as implied by Dodo Juice, if you follow the simple instructions contained in the kit.

In closing and in my limited knowledge and personal opinion, what makes Dodo Juice stand out is that they are cool guys, who created a cool company, that releases cool products that perform. That’s the way of the Dodo. That’s the recipe for success!

Thanks Dom and PJ for following your passion and allowing auto enthusiasts like me the ability to follow mine by using this cool new product. Home brewers unite!

Until next time,

D. Smith aka TheGlossBoss.Com

P.S. By the way, did I mention, Rubbish Boys wax line is indeed available in the market place. Google Rubbish Boy’s Original and Rubbish Boy’s Juiced Edition (the Dodo Juice collab version). Just plain all around COOL!

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2 thoughts on “A Recipe for Success; The Dodo Juice Home Brew

  1. the Dodo on said:

    thank you for your kind words. we wish you well in your endeavors 8)

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