Wrap It Up If You’re On The Road Alot!

Wrap It Up; Benefits of Vehicle Wrapping and 10 Houston Companies that Can Do It For You

 If you are like me, an entrepreneur with a mobile business, you are always searching for cost effective yet highly efficient ways to promote your product or service. I have advertised on radio, cable TV as well as print media but if my research proves correct, these media types can’t measure up, reach times cost per advertising dollar spent, to commercial vehicle wrapping.

Since my next move is vehicle wrapping and I have already started researching the benefits and companies around town that can potentially provide this service to me, I again wanted to share it with those of you that read my blog.

A vehicle wrap, when well thought out and correctly applied, can be invaluable in getting your company name, service, new product or upcoming event out quickly and effectively. The concept is quite simple, the more you drive your vehicle around town to various client appointments, the more your brand gets seen and your message gets out. Keep in mind, not only are drivers noticing your vehicle wrap but predestrians also.

One vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000-70,000 impressions per day. If you drive your vehicle an average of 15,000 miles annually, you will have placed your message in front of 9 million vehicles. This figure  is not  even taking into account the number of passengers in those vehicles or even the pedestrians that may have noticed your brand as it passed. When compared to some of the other forms of media I mentioned earlier, including radio and cable, in which I paid monthly and billboards which can cost $1,000’s per month,  a vehicle wrap is a one time payment that can last from 3-7 years. Below are a few additional metrics to consider.

You can save 90% or more with a vehicle wrap vs. a billboard! A vehicle wrap can return 2,520 impressions per dollar spent on advertising. That figure represents 5600% better than radio spots, 7,200% better than a fixed location billboard and 252,000% better than those postcards that often gets trashed. What a way to impact your budget when you absolutely must get the biggest bang for your limited bucks!

A vehicle wrap empowers you to take your advertising with you out on the road. It gives you the control of putting your brand and message in front of the people. Now traffic jams are not a burden or hassle but another opportunity for your product or service to get noticed.

If you are located in Houston, TX and are looking for a few companies that provide vehicle wrapping services, check out these 10 I have listed below.

 10 Vehicle Wraps Companies in Houston 

  1. Graphix Emporium: http://gfxwraps.com/
  2. Image Graphix: http://vehiclewrapshouston.com/index.html
  3. Xtickers Design: http://xtickers.com/vehicle-wraps.html
  4. WrapItUSA.com: http://wrapitusa.com/
  5. HoustonWraps.Com: http://houstonwraps.com/
  6. Chameleon Wraps and Graphics: http://chameleonwraps.com/
  7. Wraps of Houston: http://wrapsofhouston.com/
  8. Two Way Signs and Graphics: http://www.signsbannerswraps-houston.com/
  9. Wrap Stars: http://www.thewrapstars.com/
  10. Houston Custom Wraps: http://houstoncustomwraps.com/

 Until Next Time,

D. Smith aka TheGlossBoss.Com (Luxury Mobile Detailing)

“For A Shine You Can’t Refuse”

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One thought on “Wrap It Up If You’re On The Road Alot!

  1. This is quickly becoming one of the best ways to get the name out for your business or product.

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