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(Cool Whipz Feature) Karbon Kreationz; The Hot Boyz of Hot Rod Renderings

Karbon Kreationz; The Hot Boyz of Hot Rod Renderings

“Begin with the end in mind”. What a quote and one of my favorites!

This philosophy proved invaluable when I decided to restore my truck and also build a custom trailer to match. I took heed to past lessons learned that, “failing to plan is planning to fail”.

Taking on this project as a novice meant I needed to have as clear a vision up front as to what I was attempting to build. Once the picture was crystal clear, I could then take the necessary steps to successfully build the project I had in mind. After sketching out my design, as best I could on paper, I was able to communicate the goal visually to the paint and body, audio and interior shop of what I was attempting to accomplish. Sharing my sketch with the team put us all on the same page and gave us the best chance for success. I worked the vision out on paper upfront to avoid wasting time and money hiring builders and buying parts and accessories. It took a few years from start to finish but, I was able to stay on task to completion because I knew exactly what I wanted the end result to look like. Ahh…the thrill of victory!

I’ve seen all too often however, guys excited and passionate about building their projects only to be met with failure, due to poor planning up front. As enthusiasts taking on projects alone, we miss the target at times because we don’t have a clear image of what we are aiming for. The problem compounds and we can end up wasting precious time stopping mid-way through a build to tear down, only to begin again in a new direction. The snowball effect starts to develop. The budget is blown and we have to spend additional money as a result of taking a new direction. Once frustration sets in and the finances dry up, what is often left is a trail of unfinished projects we attempt to unload on craigslist for a fraction of what we sunk into this shattered dream. That’s exactly what it becomes when the dream is not written down, or rendered in this case, therefore it became an expensive and glorified wish instead of a sustainable project with a clear target, (deep sigh)…the agony of defeat.

Hot rodders and custom car enthusiasts have no fear, the dynamic duo, Bill and Scott Denham are here!

Bill and Scott are brothers whom I’ve termed, the hot boyz in hot rod renderings. They own and operate Karbon Kreationz, an automotive design and graphics firm formed in 2010. Their mission is to equip the custom car community of builders, fabricators and enthusiasts with high quality digital renderings that will arm them upfront for a successful build in the end. The brothers are very passionate about capturing the ideas and dreams of their clients and then transferring them into works of art. Karbon Kreationz is a young company however Bill and Scott are not neophytes when it comes to rods and custom cars. Their involvement in the car culture can be attributed to their father Bill, who passed the torch and love for modified cars that have both the show and the go, on to his sons.

Karbon Kreationz is high performance, just as the automotive renderings they create and design for clients. The company is growing fast and in 2011, their first year of operation, the firm garnered the attention of Truckin’ Magazine and was featured in the December 2011 edition of  this industry leading publication (click to view).  The momentum from 2011 propelled them into the new year and already they are well into their 2012 SEMA build; Carter’s SS Trailblazer (Click to view).

Bill and Scott are thankful for such a successful start off the line but don’t plan to stare much in the rearview. Instead, they’re looking forward, focused on helping their clients turn dreams to reality as demand pushes them into a promising future.

Karbon Kreationz is a high intensity graphics design company that’s pushing the creative envelope. If you are contemplating building your dream ride or planning to update your street rod, Bill and Scott will help you crystallize your idea by providing you with a tangible and high quality rending of what your ride will resemble when complete. To find out more about Karbon Kreationz and their full line of services here: (Karbon Kreationz Site).

View this slideshow presentation of renderings by Karbon Kreationz here: (Karbon Kreationz Slide-Show Presentation)


Until Next Time,

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