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The Lone Star Throwdown (LST); The Custom Car Show that’s Doing it Big in Texas!

There’s a popular American song that resonates with most Texans and amplifies what it means to have Texas pride. The first verse starts out; “The stars at night are big and bright deep in the heart of Texas”. On February 24-26, 2012 however, it was the custom painted steel, chrome plated wheels and highly polished power plants that lit up the city of Conroe, TX, just north of Houston.  The event was The 1st Annual Lone Star Throwdown,  a super-sized custom car and truck show that brought out hundreds of spectators, car clubs, extremely modified vehicles, vendors and sponsors.

The Lone Star Throwdown (often referred to as LST) is the brain child of Lonnie Ford and Todd Hendrex (Radar). Whip Appeal Custom Auto Blog was excited for the opportunity to catch up with Lonnie Ford to find out more about this awesome event, how it came about and what we can expect for LST 2013. Lonnie was cool enough to oblige!

(Whip Appeal): Tell us more about LST. How was it organized and formed?

(Lonnie of LST): LST started when Radar (Todd Hendrex) and I (Lonnie Ford) talked about doing a show to bring back that old school mix of people just hanging out and talking about their vehicles. It didn’t matter what club or who you hung out with, we are all into the same thing. It had been a dream of ours to do a show and took almost three years to jump into doing it. We really didn’t know where to start but we knew that we wanted everyone to be apart of it though. We started printing flyers and it snow balled into what it is today. Radar and I have been in Negative Camber (truck club) for over 15 years and our clubs 20th anniversary was coming up and we decided to have our anniversary at LST 2012.

(Whip Appeal): Describe what you believe makes LST different from other car shows? Are there special themes, specific causes or a different focus from year to year?

(Lonnie of LST): Radar and I are just two truck guys that wanted to put together a show. Not sure if we are different in anyway but we feel that a show is only as good as the people that come. In the end it’s the people that make a show.

(Whip Appeal):  What’s the farthest you’ve heard someone has traveled to take part in LST, either as a participant, spectator or both?

(Lonnie of LST): With Negative Camber having their 20th anniversary we had club members come from Australia, Mexico, California, Florida and Maryland. Plus we had three different cruises coming from the west, east and north to the event. It was nice to see so many different clubs and people join the cruises.

(Whip Appeal):  When and where will LST 2013 take place?

(Lonnie of LST): LST 2013 will be Feb 22-24, 2013 at the same spot (Lone Star Expo center in Conroe,TX.)

(Whip Appeal):  What will make LST 2013 even more special than last year?

(Lonnie of LST): We learned a lot from our first show and hope to have a bigger and better show than 2012. We hope to have even more people from all over the country come to LST 2013 and make this the best throwdown anyone has ever been to!

(Whip Appeal):  What noteworthy sponsors are already on board for LST 2013 ?

(Lonnie of LST): Everyone from LST 2012 has jumped on board and we have even picked up new sponsors, so where do we begin? Pick up one of our 2013 flyers and you will see just how much support we have and we want to thank all of our sponsors for all their support. With out the sponsors we couldn’t have made this event what it was and will be.

(Whip Appeal): What is the contact information for someone wanting to be apart of LST 2013, either as a sponsor or show car registrant?

(Lonnie of LST):  You can email us at: or visit our web site at

(Whip Appeal):  Any final thoughts or comments on LST before we close?

(Lonnie of LST):  We would like to thank everyone that came out to support us and all the sponsors/vendors for their support as well. We would also like to thank our families for helping us with this event. They did an awesome job working all weekend to help us put this event on.


Whip Appeal would like to once again thank and congratulate Lonnie, Radar and the entire LST staff for putting on this great car show.

In closing, a different verse of the same song I opened with says;  “Reminds me of the one I love, deep in the heart of Texas.  Well I am going to spin it this way. LST definetly reminds me of the shows I loved back in the day. They were cool gatherings, no drama and brought like minded people together from all walks of life based on our common interest, the love for custom cars and trucks.

The Lone Star Throwdown…Texas Proud!

(Click to View LST 2013 Presentation and Flyer)

Until next time,

D. Smith aka TheGlossBoss.Com


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