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Busa Queen Creating Huge Buzz in the Sports Bike Community

The Godfather of Soul, James Brown (RIP) once belted, “This is a man’s world”.  As if to add an exclamation point in case you missed it initially he repeated, “This is a man’s  world”! But if you were to tune out at this point in the record, you would have missed the key point in the song. With further intensity he sings as a follow up, “but it would be nothing, nothing without a woman or girl“!  This is also a lesson very easily understood by observing the honeybee.  Honeybees understand that “having a queen in the hive always produces something sweet in the end”.

There is something very valuable added when you have resourceful, intellectual and influential women within certain groups and organizations often viewed as male centric. On the surface the appeal factor is what’s often noticed upfront. Members in her circle however, easily recognize and appreciate the intrinsic value she brings to the unit as a whole through her charisma, organization and social skills. Often times she is referred to as The “Queen B” and in the world of Sports Bikes, there exists such a lady!

It’s a pleasure to introduce to some and present to others, CJ “Busagirl” Jamison.  More than just another pretty face, CJ and other female riders like her, stand out among their heavily male populated peers in the world of cruisers and crotch rockets. Their appeal and attraction continues to generate excitement and multiply the biking community.

(Whip Appeal): For those who may not be familiar with CJ “Busagirl” Jamison, describe yourself to our readers in your own words?

(CJ “Busagirl” Jamison): I’m the owner of a 2006 Suzuki Hayabusa.  I’ve been riding and drag racing Hayabusa’s since 2001 and I have a true passion for the motorcycle world. I am also a business owner/entrepreneur, community activist for peace, author of my first book titled “The Ride” and I am the founder of Busa Fest which is a motorcycle festival designed to highlight sportbikes. I have recently been introduced to modeling and I look forwards to future projects in front of the camera with my bike.

(Whip Appeal): Sounds exciting. Tell us when and how you were introduced to the motorcycle world and how your involvement in the bike community has grown, changed and evolved since that introduction

(CJ “Busagirl” Jamison): I was introduced to motorcycles at a young age by my father beginning with dirt bikes. My parents were bikers. My father taught me at 15 years old the basics of safety and riding a motorcycle. I bought my first bike in my early 20’s and I’ve been riding since then. I’ve since then developed an interest in community awareness and I was a contributing member of the Nationwide Ride for Trayvon Martin bike ride that was done simultaneously on Easter Sunday 2012, which opened my eyes to organizing rallies for peace, justice and letting the voices of bikers be heard loud and clear that we stand for positive unification in our communities.

(Whip Appeal): Tell me more about your attraction and passion for bikes, specifically the Suzuki Hayabusa?

(CJ “Busagirl” Jamison):  I have loved motorcycles since my childhood years. I can remember waking up early on Saturday mornings to the sound of my father rushing the motor on his old school Harley Davidson hard tail. I was filled with excitement as I would hurriedly jump into my clothes so that I could have the chance to go outside and watch as he worked on his bike either cleaning it or servicing it. I realized I had a true passion when I would stop and listen when I heard a motorcycle in the distance roaring by and I could almost always tell what kind of bike it was by the sound of the pipe. I remember going to the drag strip for the 1st time and thinking “I can do that. I want to race” and I loved the smell of burnt rubber and exhaust as the bikes raced down the track. I knew then that I would be a biker girl for life

(Whip Appeal): Briefly explain to our readers what a Suzuki Hayabusa bike is and also how you came to be identified as “Busagirl”?

(CJ “Busagirl” Jamison): A Suzuki Hayabusa is the fastest bike in production by Suzuki which is the GSX1300R. Busagirl became my name after drag racing a Hayabusa in 2001. And I fell in love with the ride of the bike.

(Whip Appeal): I understand there is more to it than just the name “Busagirl” and that you dont take this name lightly, expand a bit further about what comes with it.

(CJ “Busagirl” Jamison): I remember when I started riding Hayabusas, it was pretty rare to see other females on Hayabusa’s back in 2001 so being the “Busagirl” means I’ve been riding this bike for a long time and I’ve earned my name honestly. What I represent for other women Hayabusa riders is that you can be sexy, have fun and enjoy life as a female rider. I would like to continue to organize rides for the females of the bike community and show people that the ladies are a powerful voice in the bike world.

(Whip Appeal): Women and bikes definitely go together, often times however, its lovely ladies modeling next to bikes in photo sessions. Are women riders more common than many folks are aware of? If so, in your opinion what’s fueling the trend and explosion of women riders?

(CJ “Busagirl” Jamison): Yes, women riders are growing more and more each day. I can recall just last year my neighbor was learning to ride for the first time. Now, its common to see her leaving for work each morning even when its raining out with her rainsuit on. She really rides that bike and she loves it. I think more women see lady riders on the road and that encourages them to get a bike. Safety rider courses at local community colleges are also a contributing factor because some people do not have the patience or the expertise to “teach” a new learner how to ride and its less stressful to take a class with an instructor. Plus we are doing a great job as lady riders out here on the streets so WE are the driving force.

(Whip Appeal): Any unique moments or note worthy memories you’d like to share as a lady Hayabusa rider?

(CJ “Busagirl” Jamison): I met a guy years ago at a bike function that asked me to take a ride on the back of his Harley. I declined his offer but instead offered to ride with him on my own bike. He said I was too pretty to ride and that I didn’t “look” like a biker. I had to to prove him wrong so we lined up side by side in what I thought would be a general short ride to prove to him that I could ride a motorcycle. He suddenly leaned down and revved up his motor in a taunting way. Unbeknownst to him, I had already earned the title as the “Girl that does burnouts” so I proceeded to smoke the tire on the bike until I disappeared in thick white smoke. He quickly took off on his bike trying to outrun me and I let the throttle out and creamed him. To this day he still tells people the story of how he got “beat by a girl” on a Hayabusa.

(Whip Appeal): Great story. Sounds like the element of surprise worked in your favor. Tell us about this awesome event you’re promoting called  Busa Fest 2012. It’s coming up real soon I hear.

(CJ “Busagirl” Jamison): Busa Fest is a bike festival event designed to show tribute to the Suzuki Hayabusa but yet its open to all riders and all bikes with contests for everyone. The idea of doing an event like this came to me in a dream and I’m a huge believer in following through on your dreams. Some highlights of the weekend are on Friday a VIP party that promotes Southern Hospitality. On Saturday there will be a high energy fast paced event with contests, games, awards, bike shows, an all Hayabusa line up and photo shoot, a photo shoot for the Busa Fest 2013 calendar, models, live bands and performers, a custom bike shop build off, custom bike builders with bikes on display to answer questions show off their best work, vendors, magazine coverage and video interviews.  There will be female bike clubs in attendance and we actually have an all female club from Florida called Phat Ryders MC that will be coming.

(Whip Appeal): Sounds like Busa Fest 2012 is going to be a blast!  Well CJ, what’s next for the Busagirl? Where do you go from here?

(CJ “Busagirl” Jamison): I can only continue to grow from here. My long term goal is to become a minority female owner of a Suzuki motorcycle dealership, complete part 2 of my book and continue to promote women in a positive way.

(Whip Appeal): Good luck to you on the dealership as well as all your future goals. Any final thoughts or comments?

(CJ “Busagirl” Jamison): For more information on Busa Fest please go to or for vending/sponsor information send an email to for an info packet. I’d like to thank the Busa Fest Street Team for their hard work and dedication to this project and the sponsors of the event for believing in me. Go TEAM BUSA FEST!!! Muahhhh!

(Whip Appeal): CJ on behalf of WhipAppeal, it was a pleasure conducting this interview and writting this article. We wish you much success for Busa Fest 2012 and your future endeavors for the biking community.

As the father of 4 daughters, I’m reminded of what seemed to have been a theme song around our home for a time. It was a tune my girls often sang to the top of their lungs by their favorite artist who by the way is referred to as, you guessed it…“Queen B”.  Beyonce asks on one of her hit singles “who runs the world”?  In almost the same breath she answers, with an exclamation point of course, “girls”!

The good news for the biker world is CJ’s aim is to attract riders and add to the brother and sisterhood of bikers, not to create gender battles within it. To accomplish this task, CJ as well as her committed team of supporters and sponsors have joined forces to  host the 1st annual BUSA FEST 2012!

Busa Fest 2012 is an event designed to celebrate the Hayabusa, yet honors ALL RIDERS (Cruisers and Sportbikes).  You are invited to attend and display your love of motorcycles!  There will be trophies and awards for ALL STYLES of bikes.

It’s going to be a biker blowout so hop on your two wheel toys and join the swarm of riders buzzing down the highway like a horde of hornets, for 3 days of fun and excitement!


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